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Kingfa Contributed to Society Development

Regarding social benefits as the linchpin to corporate prosperity and rewarding the country with industrial development as the mission, Kingfa Science & Technology has been committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. We donate to fund schooling, support the poor and the disabled, and promote disaster relief. What we have done has not only helped children, who cannot afford schooling, return to school, but also helped the poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty and become better off.

To undertake public responsibilities and to devote to public charity—this is the way how our company rewards the society. Annually, we have held a wide range of charitable activities. By actively supporting the charity undertaking with organized efforts, we set a good example in our industry. Every year, we have separate budget to support relevant industrial activities. Our “Kingfa Science  & Technology Scholarship” established in Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University and Sichuan University has donated nearly 6.4 million RMB. On the “Poverty Relief Day” held in June 2016, our company even donated 10 million RMB to fund development of impoverished areas in Guangdong Province, hoping that they could cast off poverty to become rich. Besides, we signed a paired support agreement with the government of Luodong village of Heyun Town in Qingxin District, Qingyuan City. In order to accelerate the village’s poverty relief, we established a long-term economic development mechanism. In August of the same year, our company donated around 200,000 RMB to fight floods and provide relief. Additionally, our company set up the “Employees Care Foundation”, which aims at helping poor employees and their families. Also, we took an active part in visiting retired soldiers, old Party members, and the disabled. Due to our commitment to public charity, we have won numerous honors, including “Guangdong Honorable Undertaking Award”, “Award for Guangdong Provincial Non-public Enterprises for Making Outstanding Contributions to Alleviate Poverty and Reward the Society”, “Hongmian Cup” Gold Award, “Guangzhou Philanthropic Enterprise”, etc.

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