Jan. 01, 1970

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with the company GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION (“GTF”) and its affiliates. Effective March 8, 2022, GTF is authorized to market, distribute, and sell our PPE Products across the globe.

As GTF devotes its main business activities to participating in humanitarian aid programs, their main clientele transpires from the Government sectors and agencies, Non-profit Organizations (NGO), medical institutions and the hospitality industry. We are secure that our partnership with GTF will provide all customers with our quality PPE products, customer service and the quick deliveries needed for today’s rapidly changing healthcare needs.

With our strength in technical development and being one of the premier suppliers of PPE products, we are proud and confident that our partnership with GTF will achieve mutual success in supplying our products globally and progress GTF’s goal of improving human life with new technology.


More information about the Global Technology Foundation can be found on:


Contact: Marco Yu, Director of Business Development for North America, marcoyu@GTF-FUND.ORG


GTF is a Colorado-based private foundation whose principal place of business is in Colorado Springs, CO

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