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Kingfa Launched Medical and Protective Gloves Projects
Nov. 08, 2020

On November 8, kingfa began to mount the glove machine of its medical and protective gloves plants. 


At the construction site, the General Manager of Kingfa Li Nanjing, General Manager of Kingfa Medical Ding Min, Director of Craft and Equipment Li Dong together witnessed the milestone in the production and construction of Kingfa Medical and Health Protective Gloves Project.


The total investment of the project is about 5 billion yuan. It plans to build a 600,000 square meter production plant and supporting facilities to form a production base with an annual output of 40 billion pieces of high-performance medical and health-protective gloves.In the future, Qingyuan Base will become the largest R&D and manufacturing center for advanced polymer materials and medical health products of Kingfa.


The medical and health-protective gloves project started construction in October, and currently covers an area of more than 220,000 square meters to build two glove manufacturing workshops and a warehouse for raw material and finished products. On October 23, the southern factory building began to hoist the steel structure, and it is expected that the factory will complete the outer roof construction by early December. Simultaneous construction of multiple areas ensures that the progress of the glove factory will move forward steadily.

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