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KINGFA MEDICAL | Yuan Zhimin, Chairman of KINGFA : Support the Application and Innovation of New Materials Industry
Mar. 12, 2021

Source: The People's Daily


It is hard to achieve the goal of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality without the application and innovation of eco-friendly materials, Yuan Zhimin said. There are still shortcomings in the production, use, recycling and disposal of plastic products in China. It is necessary to provide more support for the industrialization of new materials, develop and strengthen core technical capabilities, integrate new material enterprises with outstanding innovative capabilities and effectively improve the supporting capacity of the country's new material industry.

Yuan Zhimin suggested that we should implement the material-first strategy of “inventing an array of materials, reserving an array of materials and applying an array of materials” by focusing on the needs of major national projects and the development of strategic emerging industries. Support leading companies to undertake "new infrastructure" projects to increase their procurement of domestic new materials and provide more application scenarios for new materials.

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