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KINGFA Donated 1,000,000 pieces of Protective Masks to Both Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology
Apr. 08, 2021

On March 30, Li Nanjing, General Manager of KINGFA; Dr. Ning Kaijun, CHO of KINGFA; Ding Min, General Manager of KINGFA MEDICAL, went to Sun Yat-sen University and SCUT to attend the donation ceremony of epidemic prevention materials. There, KINGFA donated 500,000 pieces of protective masks to each university. Guo Yaping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-sen University and Tao Shaojing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SCUT, and fellow school leaders received KINGFA executives with a warm welcome.

During the discussion, Li Nanjing expressed: “Our Country is at the historical intersection of the “Two Centenary” goals, KINGFA’s demand for school-enterprise cooperation is more urgent than ever and the request for exceptional talents are at an all time high. Sun Yat-sen University and SCUT are both “First-Class” universities that cultivates cutting-edge science and technology talents. Each year supplying numerous outstanding talents to KINGFA, establishing strong support for marketing, technology, and manufacturing systems. KINGFA will always welcome school leaders to visit and provide further guidance. ”

Guo Yaping, Deputy Secretary of Sun Yat-sen University, said that the development of universities cannot be separated from the support of the broad masses of alumni and all walks of life. Thanks to the generosity of KINGFA’s donation and assistance in the epidemic prevention and control at Sun Yat-sen University, the school will continue to support and provide a strong backing for career development.

Tao Shaojing, Deputy Secretary of Southern China University of Technology, said that Southern China University of Technology and KINGFA have a deep cooperation in material science, chemistry and other fields. We are deeply moved by its development process, technological innovations, and its charitable acts of giving back to the society. We are looking forwards to more intimate exchange in the future.

Additionally, the duo exchange of school and enterprise in topics such as, subject development, party building & joint construction, talent training, campus recruitment, and medical cooperation will create an in-depth exchange, establishing a more solid connection and bond between the two.

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