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Dec. 08, 2022

  On November 23, KINGFA MEDICAL attended the 86th China International Medical Equipment Fair (hereinafter referred to as CMEF) raised in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an), with the whole industry chain solution of health protection. Ding Min, the general manager of KINGFA MEDICAL, led the team members to have in-depth exchanges with visiting customers.



  KINGFA MEDICAL has comprehensively deepened scenario solutions and laid out innovative products. In this exhibition, we cover three major fields of professional medicine, industrial protection and personal protection, including masks, gloves, protective clothing, degradable products, disposable virus sampling tubes and other types of protective products. Meeting the diversified needs of users, KINGFA MEDICAL fully demonstrated our cutting-edge technology and strength.



  The series masks of KINGFA MEDICAL attract many visitors to stop and inquire. The KINGFA Medical Protective Face Masks have five layers of filtration, and the particulate matter filtration efficiency (PFE) is up to 99%, which is perfect for blocking bacterial pollutants. The patented technology of high efficiency and low resistance is adopted to reduce the ventilation resistance and improve the breathability of the mask. The 3D shape design of mask fits your face comfortably, ensuring the safety and smooth breathing.



  The disposable medical protective clothing of KINGFA MEDICAL has high barrier and strong protection, with hydrostatic pressure ≥ 20kPa, level 6 of the hemodialysis, effectively ensuring the safety and health of medical workers. At the same time, adopting the ergonomic design, the three-piece cap structure is suitable for your head curve. The moisture permeability is more than 2.5 times of the national standard, effectively reducing the feeling of suffocation and improving the wearing comfort.


  KINGFA nitrile gloves have a complete range, including medical nitrile gloves, industrial/civil protective nitrile gloves, biodegradable nitrile gloves and so on. KINGFA medical biodegradable nitrile gloves are wear-resistant, tensile resistant, and chemical resistant. Based on the excellent performance of ordinary nitrile gloves, biodegradable additives are specially added. In a conventional soil or composting environment, gloves can be converted into carbon dioxide and water through microbial catabolism and metabolism, so as to achieve biodegradation of glove products, reduce the burden of ecological environment, and help with low-carbon green cycle.

  Focusing on material innovation, KINGFA MEDICAL fully empowers the health industry line. In the future, KINGFA MEDICAL will continue to improve the product matrix, obeying our development concept of "Innovative Materials, Building a Healthier and Better Life".

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