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KINGFA MEDICAL Donates Medical Supplies to Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch
May. 25, 2023

On May 12, 2023, International Nurses' Day, Kingfa Medical, a medical brand of Kingfa Technology, and Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch held a donation ceremony of "Technology Guardianship and Care for Angels". Kingfa Medical donated medical supplies worth 1 million RMB to Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch to support the work of medical staff at Kingfa Disease Prevention and Control Center and provide them with life and health protection.

The donation ceremony invited guests such as Liang Qiang Yong, member of the party group and vice president of Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch, Kong Mingxia, deputy secretary of Jiande Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as Ding Min, assistant general manager of Kingfa Technology and general manager of Kingfa Medical, Zhao Zhongyu, industry director of Kingfa Medical Hospital Group, and Shen Yang, South China manager of Kingfa Medical Hospital Group, to attend the event. The ceremony kicked off with the signing and group photo of the guests. On the signature board, every participant left their names, symbolizing their support and participation in this charity event.

Liang Qiang Yong, member of the party group and vice president of Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch

Ding Min, Assistant General Manager of Kingfa Technology and General Manager of Kingfa Medical

Afterwards, Liang Qiang Yong, member of the party group and vice president of Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch, delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude to JFST and his expectation for the donation activity. His words resonated with everyone present and injected a deeper meaning to the donation ceremony.

Message from Vice President Liang Qiang Yong

At the donation ceremony, Vice President Liang Qiang Yong and General Manager Ding Min witnessed this important moment together. Their move reflects the close cooperation between enterprises and social welfare organizations, and also highlights Kingfa Medical's active commitment to social responsibility.

Kingfa Medical donated medical supplies to Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch

In the guest speaker session, General Manager Ding Min and Deputy Secretary of Jiande Center for Disease Control and Prevention Kong Mingxia delivered their speeches respectively. They expressed their expectation for this cooperation and the prospect of more in-depth cooperation in the future. On the scene, Ding Min emphasized the significance of the donation: "This is not only our corporate social responsibility, but also our way to express our respect and gratitude to all the medical personnel who are on the front line of fighting against diseases. We hope to provide them with better protection through our technological and innovative protective products."

Address by Kong Mingxia, Deputy Secretary of Jiande CDC

Ding Min's speech

After the event, General Manager Ding Min answered questions from GlobeNewswire in an interview session, where he gave a detailed introduction of Kingfa Medical, including its current fist products, as well as its determination and outlook on how to practice social corporate responsibility in the future.

Ding Min interviewed by the media

Kingfa Medical joins hands with charity partners to practice the development concept with technological innovation

The Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch is a public welfare organization dedicated to rescue, relief and protection of people's lives and property. They have always adhered to the Red Cross's tenet of "unity, relief, peace and humanity", actively fulfilling their social responsibilities and promoting the development of charity. 

Kingfa Technology's innovative technology and continuous upgrade in the field of molecular materials also provide strong technical support for the research and development of medical materials. Its medical brand, Kingfa Medical, has successfully realized the integrated whole industry chain production mode by laying out the whole industry chain with Kingfa Technology's technical innovation ability in the field of polymer materials. Kingfa Medical focuses on the research and development, production and sales of medical and health protection products, and always takes "innovative materials, guarding life and health" as its philosophy. Its products cover three major fields: professional medical, industrial protection and personal protection, with domestic and international certification standards qualification.

The medical products donated by Kingfa Medical are characterized by technological innovation and high quality, which will provide effective life and health protection for medical and nursing workers. This action fully reflects Kingfa Medical's philosophy and adherence to social responsibility, and also highlights Kingfa Medical's determination to promote the development of public health in the whole society.

Innovation Empowerment Guarding Public Health Health Commitment to Global Health

At the end of the ceremony, Kingfa Medical once again expressed its deep gratitude to Red Cross Society of China Hang Zhou Branch and was looking forward to the future cooperation. General Manager Ding Min said: " Kingfa Medical will firmly uphold our mission, which is to innovate materials and guard life and health. We will continue to devote ourselves to the research, development and production of medical and health protective products, and make greater contributions to the development of global health."


The success of this donation ceremony is not only the active fulfillment of Kingfa Medical's social responsibility, but also its tribute to the selfless contribution of global healthcare workers on the occasion of International Nurses' Day. As an active social responsibility enterprise, Kingfa Medical will continue to devote itself to bringing high-quality medical and health protection products made in China to people all over the world, expressing its concern for the health and safety of people all over the world.

We expect that in the future, Kingfa Medical will continue to uphold the concept of sustainable development, innovate products, serve the society, develop stronger in the global medical and health protective products market, provide more protection for the health and safety of people around the world, and contribute more to the progress of global health.

The event guests took a group photo

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