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The Application of Nitrile Gloves in the Household Cleaning Industry
Dec. 02, 2021

Nitrile gloves have the advantages of good physical properties, tear resistance, puncture resistance, friction resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance. In addition, they do not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances that may be allergic to the human body. They can be used in household cleaning field. Nitrile gloves after hemp-like surface treatment increase the friction between fingers and porcelain and other appliances, which can effectively avoid slipping; after powder-free treatment, nitrile gloves do not produce any dust pollution and have no risk of allergies, and the finished products don’t contain natural latex material and powder, which prevents secondary pollution of the product. For example, nitrile gloves can be used in household fields such as hoods, washing toilets, cleaning up kitchen garbage, washing dishes, cleaning doors and windows and dredging drains.

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