What's the difference between textured gloves and smooth gloves
May. 09, 2024

When choosing disposable gloves, the outer surface properties of the gloves are also very important. It determines the most necessary properties of the glove for daily work such as grip and slip resistance. The surface texture of gloves is generally categorized into two main types: smooth and textured.


Smooth Gloves

Smooth is as opposed to textured. Contrary to a common misconception, smooth gloves have equally good grip.They have a smoother surface with no extra texture, making it less likely to leave traces of fingerprints, glove lines on the surface of products and devices. Moreover, these gloves are comfortable to wear. However, the friction on the surface of these gloves is insufficient. When performing some delicate operations, their dexterity and anti-slip strength is not as good as that of the textured one .

Smooth gloves are mostly PVC or PE gloves,they are suitable for hair care, food processing, and electronics.


Textured Gloves

Textured gloves have a subtle or diverse uneven texture on the outer surface,which can enhance friction.


For now, textured gloves are usually subdivided into full texture, palm texture and finger texture.


Full texture: the outer surface of the gloves are all processed into texture, including the fingers, palm, back of the hand part. The full texture can not only improves the anti-slip force,but also helps stop oil and dirt from accumulating on the gloves.Full texture is often applicated in nitrile gloves.They are suitable for scenes that require higher grip,such as auto repair,painting anddecoration.


Palm texture: Palms are treated with texture. The palm texture helps to increase the friction strength of the palm contact surface for easy gripping. Therefore, these gloves are suitable for scenarios that require gripping and palm force, such as sanitation, janitorial, industrial manufacturing.


Finger texture: Only the tip part of the finger is made with texture, the rest of the glove part is smooth. In fact, most nitrile gloves are fingertip textured.Finger texture is applicable to

delicate operation and high sensitivity requirements of the scene especially when the fingers need to pinch, manipulate small sharp tools.For example, medical use, tattoo,experimental testing and so on. In addition, some elastic, flexible gloves are also made with a fingertip texture for a snug fit.


Diamond textured Gloves

In recent years, due to the increased demand for protective gloves in the industrial field.

The demand for PPE products in the industrial field is increasing. And diamond texture is being favored by more and more industries due to its special design.

This kind of gloves have the most obvious texture, which treats the entire outer surface with a raised diamond texture. Diamond textured gloves are often applicated in chemical manufacturing, rail transportation manufacturing and overhauling, automotive and parts manufacturing. They have the following characteristics:


①Strong friction to provide firm gripping performance

②Excellent chemical resistance

③Usually orange and black in color, providing a good degree of recognition

④Not good for oil and grease accumulation on the glove surface


In conclusion, smooth and textured gloves each have their own advantages and application scenarios. Smooth gloves are suitable for occasions that require delicate operation, while textured gloves are more suitable for occasions that require force or contact with wet objects. When buying gloves, enterprises should choose the right gloves according to their actual needs.

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