Promotion and Application of Nitrile Gloves in Medical Field
Sep. 17, 2021

Introduction of nitrile gloves

  Nitrile gloves are free from latex, which aids their adoption among people with latex allergies. At the same time, it has antistatic, aging, and oil resistance properties. The glove shape is designed according to the shape of the human hand, which has great sensitivity, excellent tensile properties/puncture resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent wear resistance.

    For demand, nitrile gloves are high-end products. Since customers choose nitrile gloves, it means that they have higher requirements for quality. Therefore, the market and living space of low-end nitrile gloves have been shrinking. The production and sales of nitrile gloves have gradually concentrated on high-end products. The requirements are getting higher and higher. As the application continues to mature, the demand for nitrile gloves in various industries continues to increase.

    As for application, the main market for nitrile gloves is in the medical field. With the maturity of the production process and the improvement of production capacity, nitrile gloves are more and more popular in this field, which can be used as medical examination gloves, medical-surgical gloves, chemotherapy-resistant nitrile gloves, etc. Moreover, at the present stage, the main consumption and application groups of nitrile gloves products are mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States developed countries, and the consumption of nitrile gloves in Asia, Africa, and Latin America only accounts for about 1 / 5 of the global consumption. 

KINGFA nitrile gloves product introduction

    In the medical field, KINGFA MEDICAL has launched medical nitrile inspection gloves that meet many medical standards such as national standards, EU level, and American level and possess all kinds of certification qualification, and on this basis, it has also developed. Additionally, there are chemotherapy-resistant nitrile gloves with higher protection levels were introduced to meet the application requirements of different departments in hospitals.

Future development of nitrile gloves

-Material diversification:

(polyisoprene, TPU, TPE…… ...)

-Color diversity:

(black, white, green, pink ...)

-Diversified surface design:

(micro anesthesia, general anesthesia ...)

-To break through the technical bottleneck of the traditional glove industry by optimizing equipment, process, and formula:

(Higher speed; More advanced technology; Lower gram weight and thickness; Higher comfort; Better performance.)

Last but not least, gloves are functional, KINGFA will continuously work on them and provide more excellent practicality:

(Antibacterial/antistatic/fireproof/ultrathin/biodegradable ...)

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