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What is the General Application of Melt Blown Fabric
Nov. 05, 2021

Application of melt blown fabric


In recent years, the melt-blown technology used to manufacture non-woven products is predicted to be one of the fastest growing technologies in the non-woven industry. With the current expansion and interest, there is no doubt that melt-blown is becoming one of the main non-woven technologies. Technological development is also coming soon, which will expand the scope and practicability of this technology. The application of special polymer structures will undoubtedly provide new non-woven materials that are not available in other competing technologies. Therefore, the powerful and bright future of this technology can be predicted.


Major application

1. Filter media

This market segment is still the largest single application. The most famous application is surgical mask filter media. Applications include liquid filtration and gas filtration. Some of them are found in cartridge filters, clean room filters, and other filters.


2. Medical fabrics

The second largest meltblown market is medical/surgical applications. The main market segments are the disposable surgical gown and valance market and the sterile packaging market segment.


3. Sanitary Products

Melt blown products are used in two major categories of sanitary protection products, feminine sanitary napkins and disposable adult incontinence absorbent products.

4. Oil adsorbent

Meltblown materials in various physical forms are designed to absorb oily materials. The most well-known application is the use of adsorbents to absorb oil from the water surface, such as those encountered in accidental oil spills.


5. Clothing

The clothing applications of meltblown products are divided into three market segments: thermal insulation, disposable industrial clothing and synthetic leather substrates. Thermal insulation applications utilize micropores in a structure filled with still air to achieve excellent thermal insulation.

6. Hot Melt Adhesive

The meltblown process has one characteristic: it can process almost any type of thermoplastic material. Therefore, by using a melt blown system to form a final uniform adhesive network, the task of formulating hot melt adhesives to provide specific properties can be greatly simplified.


7. Electronic Major

There are two main applications for the professional electronics market of meltblown nets. One is used as a lining fabric in computer floppy disks, and the other is used as an insulating material in battery separators and capacitors.


8. Other applications

An interesting application in this field is the manufacture of tents and elastic non-woven fabrics that have the same appearance as continuous filament spunbond products.

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