Respiratory Protection
KINGFA Innovation: Ultra-breathable Medical Surgical Face Masks
Jul. 15, 2022

    Covid-19 continues to evolve, and the epidemic prevention and control is complex. But no matter how it mutates, it still spread through respiratory tract, protecting the respiratory gateway, that is the mouth and nose is the key. Therefore, wearing masks remains one of the most effective personal protective measures. There are two key indicators for identifying masks, which are filtration efficiency and ventilation resistance. First of all, filtration efficiency of face masks is further divided into bacteria filtration efficiency(BFE) and particle filtration efficiency(PFE). Generally speaking, face masks with BFE higher than 95% can filter out the majority bacteria and basically meet the daily requirements of epidemic prevention. In addition, on the basis of ensuring safety, we should also consider the breathability of face masks for the reason that wearing face masks for a long time will bring pressures to our lungs, and we may feel suffocated and even can’t breathe. At this time, the second key indicator, namely ventilation resistance, should be taken into account, which largely determines the comfort degree of wearing face masks. Within the mask standard, the differential pressure and breathing resistance of the mask will be stipulated, for example, disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks require ventilation resistance less than or equal to 49Pa/cm², and children protective masks require breathing resistance of no more than 45 Pa/cm².


    Kingfa has developed an organic-inorganic composite electret and used ultrapure high-speed water tribo-charging technology in manufacturing the melt-blown fabric. The long-lasting water tribo-charging technology has lower ventilation resistance. Furthermore, Kingfa has independently designed complete set of steam stripping/thermal desorption low-odor equipment. The high melt-flow index melt-blown polypropylene material prepared via the steam extraction low-odor process has lower odor and volatile organic compounds and less peroxide residue.


    The Ultra-Breathable Type IIR Face Mask produced by Kingfa, has 50% lower ventilation than mainstream similar masks, with ultra low airflow resistance of 15 Pa/cm²and better breathing experience. In addition, it bacteria filtration efficiency also reaches more than 98%, which not only ensures the protection effect but also makes it comfortable and breathable. Providing barrier to minimize the direct transmission of infective agent between staff and patients, Kingfa Type IIR medical surgical face masks are principally intended for use by healthcare professionals in an operating room and other medical settings with similar requirements.

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