The Promotion and Application of Nitrile Gloves in the Medical Industry
Dec. 02, 2021

Nitrile gloves are favored by many consumers due to their excellent comprehensive properties. Among many applications, nitrile gloves account for more than 80% of the applications in the medical industry which is mainly due to excellent properties of nitrile gloves, such as performance, wearing comfort, anti-viral properties, anti-chemotherapeutic properties, anti-chemical properties, etc.

In the medical field, different countries and regions have different performance requirements for nitrile gloves. The main consumer groups of medical nitrile gloves are concentrated in Europe, America and the domestic market.

For the European medical industry, medical examination gloves need to meet the relevant standards of EN 455. The core requirement in the standard is that the median breaking force of the glove needs to reach 6N, and its pinhole rate needs to meet AQL≤1.5. In addition, some application scenarios also require nitrile gloves to have anti-viral and anti-chemical properties, that is, comply with some of the requirements in EN 374;

For the US medical industry, there are two main types of glove products, namely, medical examination gloves and Medical anti-chemotherapeutic drug gloves, medical examination gloves need to meet the relevant requirements of ASTM D6319, and their core requirements are breaking strength ≥14MPa, breaking elongation ≥500% and pinhole rate AQL≤2.5. Meanwhile, medical anti-chemotherapeutic drug gloves have to meet the relevant requirements of ASTM D6978.

That is to say, under the premise of meeting ASTM D6319, it is necessary to pass the relevant tests of chemotherapy drug penetration to ensure the safety of medical staff when operating chemotherapy drugs. In comparison, the European market's demand for medical gloves is more protective, while the US market's demand for gloves is more focused on wearing comfort.

For the domestic medical market, both medical examination gloves and medical surgical gloves are mainly made of latex. Nitrile gloves have only been gradually recognized and accepted by medical personnel in recent years. Domestic medical examination gloves need to meet GB 10213 Compared with the relevant standards for medical examination gloves in Europe and the United States, the national standard is more stringent. It needs to meet the breaking force ≥ 7N, while also meeting the breaking elongation ≥ 500%, and the pinhole rate AQL ≤ 2.5. In addition, the domestic medical industry is relatively strict in the size of gloves, and the thickness of the gloves must be ≥0.08mm. It can be seen that the domestic comprehensive requirements for protection and wearability are higher.

1- Nitrile gloves have excellent barrier properties, and have excellent barrier capabilities for acids, alkalis and other organic chemicals. In addition, nitrile gloves also have strong resistance to chemical degradation, so that the basic structure of the gloves can be used in various application environments. Not to be damaged, provide effective protection for the hands!

2- Nitrile gloves have excellent barrier properties against viruses and can effectively isolate cross-infection between doctors and patients

3- Nitrile gloves have an excellent barrier to dozens of chemotherapeutic drugs, and can prevent related chemotherapeutic drugs from harming medical personnel during chemotherapy

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