Monkeypox outbreak in Europe! KINGFA MEDICAL protects yourself against the virus!
Jun. 28, 2022

    A recent monkeypox outbreak across Europe, US, Middle East and Asia has raised concerns around the world. Monkeypox is a viral zoonosis with symptoms very similar to those seen in smallpox patients in the past. 1958 saw the first detection of the virus in monkeys in a Danish laboratory, named "monkeypox", and the first human case was found in a child in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970.


    The fact that monkeypox is mainly hosted by monkey does not mean that monkeypox viruses are not parasitic on other hosts. The viruses of poxviridae possess a strong ability to spread across species and are transmitted via contact. A healthy person is at risk of contracting monkeypox virus through direct or indirect contact with someone who carries the virus, such as by touching infected pus, wearing clothing worn by carriers, or having sex with a carrier.


    The WHO said that it was unlikely mass vaccinations are required to combat the disease, but given the widespread of the outbreak, good hygiene and precautions to reduce the risk of infection should be taken.


1.Avoid contact with infected animals, bedding or other materials contaminated with the virus.

2.Thoroughly cook all foods that contain animal meats or parts.

3. Wash your hands frequently with soap or water.

4. Practice safe sex, including the use of condoms and dental dams.

5. Use personal protective equipment(PPE) during daily life and work, such as face masks, nitrile gloves and face shields.


    Strictly controlling of infection source and cutting off transmission route are the key to preventing monkeypox virus. Given that monkeypox is transmitted mainly through close contact and respiratory tract, disposable gloves and face masks are essential personal protective equipment to protect ourselves from the virus.


    Above all, nitrile medical glove is a kind of professional medical glove, with great sealing property, which can completely isolate hands from outside contact, so as to prevent your hands from getting virus and bacteria. Medical Kingfa is a global supplier that provides various disposable nitrile gloves with high quality. Characterized by safe, non-toxic, harmless, odorless, and free of amino compounds and other harmful substances, the nitrile gloves produced by Kingfa are primarily manufactured using imported nitrile-butadiene rubber(NBR) and are operated with advanced vulcanization package dispersion system, autonomous batching system and excellent product quality control.


    Furthermore, face masks can be broadly divided int three types, including N95/KN95 masks, medical surgical masks and ordinary masks. A right mask can effectively block the inhalation of pathogenic droplets and reduce or even avoid the chance of being infected of monkeypox virus via respiratory tract. Kingfa also offers disposable medical face masks, medical surgical masks, N95/KN95 face masks and high breathable face masks with ultra-low airflow resistance and better breathing experience, providing barrier to minimize the direct transmission of virus. All of the face masks and disposable gloves provided by Medical Kingfa are certified by national level such as EN, FDA and ASTM.


    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about the way we lived and worked and just as we are starting to come back our regular life, there are another emerging threat of monkeypox. But monkeypox is a rare disease that we could protect ourselves by avoiding contact with people who are infected, wash our hands frequently and use PPEs to take measures to defend ourselves against the virus.

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