Respiratory Protection
Advantages of KINGFA Gloves and Face Masks in Laboratory Applications
Aug. 26, 2022

In chemical experiments, it is necessary to take various effective safety precautions. Since laboratories store extremely dangerous chemicals, pharmaceutics, radiant substances and other infectious materials that can cause harm to human bodies, equipment and even our natural environment, the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment such as gloves and face masks is essential to protect us from injuries.



Hands are the parts of the body that is most vulnerable to injury when performing chemical experiments, so gloves should be worn when handling corrosive, toxic or unknown toxic substances, rough and sharp objects, as well as cold and hot materials. Nitrile gloves offered by KINGFA MEDICAL such as Chemo Nitrile Gloves, Nitrile Examination Gloves are made of typical polymer materials like nitrile rubber, natural rubber and neoprene rubber, etc. These gloves provide effective protection because the materials of the gloves could not be dissolved and penetrated by the reagents that they come into contact.

Characterized by high chemotherapy drug resistance, kingfa nitrile gloves have been tested for use with 24 chemotherapy drugs and complies with ASTM D6978&ASTM D6319, which offer excellent resistance to drugs such as Carboplatin. Besides, most of breakthrough time of drugs that have been texted for permeation can reach more than 240 min.

Some other advantages are also help to increase the applicability of KINGFA gloves. For instances, excellent antiviral properties, high resistance to abrasion, excellent chemical splash protection, and most importantly, the balanced mechanical performance endows the gloves with excellent tactile sensitivity and wearability.


Face Masks:

Apart from gloves, face masks are of utmost importance when working in laboratory. Chemical experiments often produce irritating and harmful gases, which are harmful to respiratory system, so it is necessary to wear face masks to filter out the hazardous substances. The requirements for face masks vary from one experimental environment to another.

Ear-hanging medical disposable surgical face masks made of soft, breathable materials that are safe and easy to wear for the situations where there may not be exposed to harmful fluid or hazardous gases. In addition, these face masks offer excellent protection and high comfort, making them suitable for laboratory experimenters who need to wear them for a long periods of time. Furthermore, for laboratory members in bio-safety areas, the selection of professional particulate protective masks is sufficient to block most particles and aerosols and meets respiratory protection requirements in a laboratory where all live pathogens are manipulated in bio-safety cabinets and the risk of large amount of liquid being ejected into the face masks is low.

KINGFA KN95 Face Mask KF-A F04(SC) are made of 5 layers with 2 non-woven outer layers and 2 melt-blown inner layers and a non-woven middle layer to absorb small moisture particles, with filtration rate reach more than 95%. What’ s more, KINGFA FFP2 Face Mask KF-A F10(SC) also deliver a 5-layer filtration system specially designed to effectively filter at least 94% of dust and airborne impurities for complete protection and prevention. These two kinds of face masks are widely used in laboratories.


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