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Do you really know how to wear a face mask directly?
Dec. 09, 2022

  Recently, in response to the characteristics of the Delta variant, the Chinese National Health Commission issued the "Guidelines for the Public and Key Occupational Groups to Wear Masks (August 2021)", which revised the guidelines for wearing masks.

  In our daily life, many inadvertent habits may cause pollution to the face masks. What are the common wrong ways to wear a mask? How to store masks more hygienic? What should I do if I get acne and allergies when wearing a mask? Let’s explore.


First, the following are a few common misunderstanding of wearing a mask.

1.A long time without replacement

The inside of the mask easily absorbs the protein and water exhaled by the human body, causing bacteria to grow

Under normal circumstances, medical surgical masks should be replaced in time after four hours of use.

2.Error wearing masks and storage

Pulled up to the chin

Hang on the side of the ear

Directly into the bag / trouser pockets

Hanging on the arm / wrist

Arbitrarily placed on the table

3.Wearing a deformed, damp or dirty mask

When the mask is deformed/damp or has obvious dirt, the protective ability will be reduced, and it needs to be replaced in time.

4.Wearing multiple masks at the same time

Wearing multiple masks will not increase the protection, but will increase the resistance to breathing, and may even damage the tightness of the mask.

5. Make children wear ordinary masks for a long time

Infants or children under three years of age SHOULD NOT wear masks, which may cause suffocation. For other children, wearing ordinary masks with inappropriate size or high respiratory resistance for a long time will seriously damage their health. In view of this, KINGFA high breathable kid protective masks can provide great help.

6.Reuse of disposable masks

Using methods such as steaming/boiling/spraying alcohol will not make disposable masks recyclable, but will reduce their protective effect.

Masks that have been used in cross-regional public transportation or in high-risk environments such as hospitals are not recommended to be reused.



Tips for wearing a mask

1.How to temporarily store masks

The masks should be individually packaged, after removing them, fold them inward and put them back in the original packaging bags. Or it can be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place.

2.What to do if there is a strangle mark on the face

For severe strangle marks, you can use topical ointments that improve the blood circulation of the skin.

If the skin becomes soft/wrinkled or whitish at the area of the strangle mark, you can apply moisturizer to yourself before wearing a mask.

3.How to do with skin allergy

Acute skin redness/pruritus/acne, check if the mask is qualified and apply ointment.

For general sensitive skin, choose a mask with better air permeability and pay attention to moisturizing.

4.Can we wear makeup with a mask?

Choose high quality masks that are comfortable, breathable and would not rub your   makeup, such as KINGFA Ultra-Breathable Face Mask to protect your delicate face, letting your skin “breathe” freely like yourself.

In addition, choose your cosmetics that are less irritating, remove makeup in time after going home, and do a good job of skin cleaning and care.

5.What to do if you feel unwell after wearing a mask for a long time

If you experience discomfort such as stuffiness/shortness of breath while wearing a mask, you should go to an open and ventilated place to remove the mask immediately


More details should be noticed

1.Wear a mask in these outdoor places such as crowded open squares, theaters, and parks

2.Keep higher level of protective masks at home

Family members with cough, fever and other symptoms should wear a higher-level mask when they go to the hospital for treatment

3.The following key occupational groups need to wear higher-level masks

Service personnel in public places, such as flight attendants/police/couriers, etc., should wear medical surgical masks or higher-level mask during work



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